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How use Ubuntu's Terminal in Windows..

Do you know how to use Ubuntu's Terminal in Windows 10.. It is possible without installing any 3rd party softwares. I will explain how it works in this blog.

Requirement you need : Windows 10 with Anniversary Update, Internet Connection.

If you are ready, then follow the steps carefully.

1. Open Settings -> Update & security -> For Developers
2. Select Developer mode under Use developer features.
3. click Yes on the message box displayed.
4. Wait until complete the process and then restart your system.
5. After reboot open Control Panel -> Programs -> Turn Windows features on or off
6. Check the option Windows Subsystem for Linux (beta) and then click OK
7. After components installation, click Restart now

8. After reboot, open bash.exe by searching in start menu.
9. Type y on command prompt that now opened, and press Enter to download and install Bash.
10. After installation you need to generate new UNIX account. it will ask you to Enter new Unix username (Don't use windows's user name and keyword admin.
11. At last close the bash.exe

Now you are ready to use Ubuntu Terminal known as Ubuntu Bash in your windows..


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  • Jose Philip

    March 24, 2017 at 04 : 32 am

    Keep it up! Good initiative miles to go...... All the best. Work hard .....

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